Download Shuttle Music Player for Android

Have you heard name called Shuttle player? You might have or else now, you are going to know everything about it. While searching for a best lightweight music player for Android devices I came to know about this awesome feature rich app. It’s been months since I have installed this APK file on my device and I’m not even getting bored while looking at it. This Shuttle Music Player encourages me to listen to music always. Shuttle music player got such a huge response because it was designed by a music lover for music lovers. He knows what music lovers want.

Shuttle Music Player for Android

Shuttle Music Player for Android

Shuttle Music Player is a powerful one for managing and listening to our favorite music. Let us take a look at crucial features of this addictive music player.


Shuttle player is designed for all latest Android handhelds. It supports almost all Android Smartphones and Tablets. The player always gets feature rich upgrades based on new trends to disappoint no one.


  • While using Shuttle music player you can see 6-band equalizer with boost for bass.
  • Embedded lyrics will be shown seamlessly while listening.
  • Continuous playback with no interruption.
  • Attractive and beautiful theme options are available for us to feel the music with colors.
  • Customize layout and change what happens when you plug your headset in.
  • It enables you to read the biography of your favorite brand.
  • Automatic downloading feature for artwork
  • Slumber I mean sleep timer is also an extra feature.
  • With several customizable widgets
  • One of the best features which must be mentioned here is that you can scrobble songs with

Free to Use

You can download and install Shuttle music player for free but, with some restrictions or limits. Restrictions means do not expect the heavy load of ads (advertisements).  Shuttle player is totally ad-free. The free version only restricts you to use extra themes, folder browsing, tag editing and most importantly Chromecast support is absent.

Shuttle Player Premium or Paid version

Paid version of Shuttle is only cost 0.99$ with this too low price you will get most important and awesome features which are not available via free version. As I already said extra themes using feature is disabled in the free version but, with premium, you can make your Shuttle more colorful. Moreover, folder browsing and Chromecast support is enabled. I think you know what I mean! Chromecast enables us to do the fabulous thing which is media streaming from your device to TV.

Download Now

Shuttle Music Player became one of the most downloaded music players on Google play store. One of the aspects I love about this app is that refund policy. You will get the refund through Play store if have done uninstalling within 15 minutes refund window. Shuttle supports almost all formats as long as your phone supports them. If you want you can also take a look at free version but, in case you are expecting more like extra themes and Chromecast then go with paid version of it.