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Nothing says casual gaming like playing arcade games and Rolling Sky is without a doubt one of the most addicting arcade games out there. Similar to the 1010! Application, you could spend hours of your day playing this game without realizing how much time has passed; Yes, it’s that addictive!

A few things worth noting about this game is that to play it, you simply drag the ball from side to side, there is irritatingly catchy music played while you play, and lastly, the graphics of the game are quite stunning for a mobile game. So with this in mind, let’s take a look at why the Rolling Sky Mod APK is worth your while.

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What is Rolling Sky Mod APK?

Rolling Sky is a one of a kind mobile application in which the goal is to get as far as you can along the world, without crashing into any of the obstacles in front of you. To do so, you must drag the ball from side to side and as you get further, the speed of the game will increase along with the number of obstacles. If you’re looking for a fun, challenging, and strategic thinking game, then this is the one for you.

App Rolling SKy

However, as with any game you will eventually get bored and will feel the need to install the Rolling Sky Mod APK.

Some Features of the Rolling Sky Mod APK

Below is a list of the best features which are included in the Rolling Sky Mod APK.

Unlimited Lives: One of the most challenging aspects of Rolling Sky is that the lives that you have are very limited. If you are aiming to set a new high score, then losing your lives earlier on can be troubling. With the Mod APK, you have unlimited lives and don’t have to worry about running out of them.

Rolling Sky Mod APK

Improved Visuals: This game already has pretty stunning graphics although as with any game that you play, an improvement on the graphics of the game is always welcomed.

Scenery: Following on from the previous point, to make the game seem less repetitive, the Mod APK provides a few additional background sceneries. The main benefit to this is that if you are aiming to set a new high score, it will take a lot longer for you to get bored of the game and quite frankly, it will be a refreshing change of scenery.

Rolling Sky APK for Android

Unlimited Shield: On top of having unlimited lives, when you install the Rolling Sky Mod APK you will also be provided with unlimited health for your shield. Therefore, if you crash into an object, you don’t have to worry about having losing a life and can carry on with reaching your goal of success.

These are all of the features which come with this Mod APK and while they don’t seem like a lot, they without a doubt change the game for the best.

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To Conclude…

Whether you’re into addicting mobile apps or not, this is definitely a game worth checking out. After playing it for a few hours, you’ll find yourself craving more out of the game and will install the Rolling Sky Mod APK too! Once you’ve installed this Mod APK, you will be addicted to the game for hours on end.

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