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Temple Run is definitely one of the most addicting “Just 5 More Minute” games out there. Not only is it fun, but it is equally as challenging. Within weeks of its release, Temple Run was one of the most popular games on both the iOS and Android app stores and shortly after came Temple Run 2. In this article, we are going to be talking about the features which are included in the Temple Run Mod APK, all of which are the precise reasons as to why it is worth installing.

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What is Temple Run Mod APK ?

The aim of Temple Run is to have as long a run as possible without falling victim to any of the obstacles which lie in your way. If you trip over too many tree roots, the gorillas will catch up with you. If you don’t jump over the ravine, you will fall. If you don’t slide under the tree ahead, you will be done. The further that you run, the more coins that you get at the end. These coins can be used to purchase power-ups, character skins, and other perks.

Some of the Temple Run Mod APK Features

Listed below are some of the Temple Run Mod APK features.

Updated GraphicsConsidering how old of an app Temple Run is now, the current graphics are outdated and with the most recent handheld devices, the game simply isn’t aesthetically appealing. With this Mod APK, the graphics are updated and the app in general looks a lot better than ever before!

New Obstacles: Dodging the same obstacles over and over again is not only repetitive, but it can get rather boring. Because of this, new obstacles have been added making it as challenging as ever.

temple run Mod APK

Achievements: With the current set of achievements, after reaching each one you are rewarded. With the Temple Run Mod APK, a lot of achievements have been added and for the existing achievements, their rewards have been increased. More achievements, more rewards, more fun!

Power-Ups: With the coins which you earn from achievements, you can use them to purchase enhancements, characters, and power-ups. By installing the Mod APK, several other power-ups have been added. Some of these power-ups are incredibly rare while others are somewhat common.

Characters: This feature is one which should be a part of the game itself, although instead is a part of the Mod APK. Each character that you buy has a special power. This gives purchasing characters more of a purpose rather than just having them to look cool. The more coins that you spend on a character, the more useful their special power is.


Environments: If you play Temple Run constantly or find yourself playing it for several hours of the day, you will at some point find yourself getting bored of the same obstacles, the same textures, and the same game. Fortunately, this Mod APK includes a variety of environment texture updates as well as additional environments; adding a fresh outlook on the game and making it less of a repetitive game.

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To Conclude…

As with all Mod APK packs, the Temple Run Mod APK adds so much more to the game and enhances the experience. Temple Run is already such a fun yet challenging game and with the Mod APK, each of these features is enhanced and more features are added to the game. If you haven’t already done so, then go ahead and install this Mod APK and give it a shot.

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