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Over the last few years, the mobile phone application marketplace industry has taken a huge step forward. In the past, you would only find that the app stores contained a few games and a wide range of useful utility applications. Nowadays, you’ll find thousands upon thousands of games on the app stores and unfortunately, the majority of them are developed based off of copying another app. With this in mind, looking into using a Mod APK for games is definitely worth doing as it brings back a sense of originality and fun. In this case, we’ll be looking at the War Robots Mod APK.

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War Robots mod apk

What is War Robots Mod APK?

War Robots is a handheld device multiplayer game. Unlike the other games which share this genre, you’ll find that this game is a lot more competitive than them.

Before jumping into the 6 vs 6 combat zone, you must choose between 24 robots (all of which have different abilities and perks to using them), 20 different types of weapons, and lastly, you must create a clan that you can play with.

Walking war robots apk

After jumping into a 6 vs 6, the goal is to simply eliminate the other team whilst losing the as little number of people on your own team as possible. It couldn’t be simpler!

War Robots Mod APK Features

Below are some of the different features which are included within the War Robots Mod APK, all of which you will have access to upon installation.

More Robots: On top of the standard 24 robots which you can choose from, you can also choose from an additional 15 battle robots which all have their own strengths and perks too!

War Robots modded app

More Weapons: That’s right. Alongside the existing plasma cannons and other weapons, you can choose from an additional 20 weapon types. From simpler weapons, such as the plasma cannon, to more aggressive weapons like the ballistic missiles. Taking into account the number of weapons and robots which are available, there are so many combinations that you can work with!

World Battle: Usually you would find that when playing War Robots, you will play with and against people who are closer to you and live in the same country to you. The issue with this is that you’ll find yourself playing against the same players over and over again. With the War Robots Mod APK, you can play against other players from all across the globe.

Modded walking war robots

Best Pilot: Earning the “Best Pilot” title in War Robots is a big deal, but it’s not easy to do so. With this Mod APK, you can earn this title easier by completing the military tasks which are provided and be recognized as one of the strongest players out there.

Here comes the unlocked version of Modern Combat 

Your Crew: You can play on your own, or you can play with a crew. Playing with a crew gives you the chance to play as a team and strategically approach the game, ultimately eliminating your opponents within minutes.

To Conclude…

Having access to a Mod APK for any game, although in this case War Robots, allows you to get a lot more enjoyment out of playing it. Playing without the War Robots Mod APK only gives you access to the standard features which all users have access to and over time, these will begin to get noticeably more boring. Take the leap, install the Mod APK, and unleash yourself to the immense features which are offered.

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